Hostile and Confrontational

Moms, women, you ever have that day, week, month, year when you are just mean? And by mean, I do mean totally a b!tch.  It has come from seemingly nowhere.  I have been short with my husband, impatient with my toddler, and annoyed by my co-workers.  And its not just a meh mood. Its all out war on the world.

Perhaps its a sign I need another vacation. And a real one this time.  You know, escape to nowhere with noone and sleep all day. No phone, no toddler, no dogs. A girl can wish right?

But then I got to thinking that perhaps its onset is something else.  Maybe it was turning 35.  Is this a mid-thirties mom breakdown?  Then I contemplated my birth control.  I have heard that some women have horrible mood swings and emotional surges while using an IUD. It was this thought that made me realize I had not had my yearly check in with the big girl doctor well in a long time.  Ugh. Life.

So, if you need me I will be hiding in my office, closet, nearest Target trying to avoid people in general.